Monday, 25 September 2017

My awesome Maori art



Last week at school room fifteen made Maori art around the New Zealand bush with kowhai trees and beautiful flowers.

First miss Eadie gave us a pencil and we designed our lines so we can colour it in.

Secondly we got some colours the colours were geen brown blue paste some were light some were dark.

Lastly miss Eadie gave us black paper and we stuck our art on the black paper and we did some designs on the side with geen glitter.

Next i wrote a maoi worte mauoi legend about Mana and maui and their life in the New Zealand bush.

Finally I went to chrome and I got some images for my slides and I drew my characters and animatied my mauoi legend 

Wednesday, 20 September 2017

Mana and maui

Once upon a time there lived a boy called maui and a kiwi called mana and they lived in the New Zealand bush with kowhai trees with yellow flowers. One night mana was hungry so mana and maui went a walk. Then mana found a bush with blue berres but all of a sudden an Evil Taniwha came slahing 
the flax bushes at mana.Mana ran for his life but the Taniwha cowgwt up to him. But mana had a plan.He went to the Taniwha CARPOW mana slammed 

The Taniwha leg.Finally mana and maui grabbed the berres and ran for their lives.After that maui told his family what happened Even mana told his family tow.And they all went to sleep in the New Zealand bush with kowhai trees and flax bushes. The End